April 24, 2019

Moving Mountains of Materials With Centimeter Accuracy

December 28, 2016

Using GPS satellites, a receiver/transmitter unit and working receivers either held by hand or mounted to earth-moving machines, excavation-assist systems deployed at O&G job sites are bringing new heights of accuracy and productivity to the […]

We Did It Our Way

January 1, 2016

When you cannot buy a curbing truck built the way you want it – which is to say, “backwards” – and you cannot find anyone to build it that way, you do what Jim Zambero […]

Quicker, Greener, Wireless

July 1, 2015

New CAT loaders set the bar for clean productivity O&G was the first in Connecticut to acquire the newest wheeled loader from Caterpillar. Having put the 982M through its paces last fall at Quarry 2 […]