April 25, 2019

The Retirement of Tony Damiano

August 9, 2017

Tony Damiano today on one of his daily morning walks People can choose to make themselves valuable to an organization. They do it through their actions more than their words, by holding true to their […]


May 11, 2017

You could call JIM MIKLOS a man of steady habits. Before he joined O&G he worked for his father and uncles at City Block in Torrington where they produced concrete and lightweight block. For the last […]

Jared Smith

December 28, 2016

For 44 years Jared Smith has done what, for most, would be unpleasant business. He was hired by O&G in 2001, moving from another contractor, to collect bad debts for O&G. Nine years later Jared […]

Paul Patch

December 28, 2016

Paul Patch has always been a steady man. He worked for 36 dependable, productive years at the Main Office, and he’s approaching the first months of his retirement with the same pleased, steady, forward-looking air. […]

Tom Hunter

December 28, 2016

Teaching and safety are intertwined for Safety Manager Tom Hunter, and not just on the job. Tom directed his life-long love of fishing and hunting, for instance, into instructing for ConnDEEP, introducing new hunters to […]

Tom Palmieri

April 1, 2016

TOM PALMIERI worked for O&G his entire adult life, except for the one month with another contractor who was building bridges alongside O&G on Route 84 in Waterbury in 1978. The day their contract was completed and Tom found himself without a job he […]

Ralph Gath

April 1, 2016

Nearly 40 years ago RALPH GATH hauled his first load of concrete out of O&G’s Waterbury plant, freshly hired by Bob Oneglia as a 24-year-old mixer driver. After a number of years on the road he was asked if he’d like to operate […]

Frank Downey

January 1, 2016

Few people get the kind of send-off that awaited FRANK DOWNEY when he walked into his retirement party on December 5th. If the size of a party is any indicator, Frank was a very popular […]

It Was A Well-Attended Success

October 1, 2015

The second annual Retiree Picnic went off without a hitch under sunny July skies, this year at La Bella Vista in Waterbury. More than 160 retirees, many with family members in tow, attended from near […]

Jimmy Rodger

July 1, 2015

Came to O&G a veteran safety manager of two of the world’s largest public works projects, both in Boston: the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Project and “The Big Dig.” He signed on in 2009 […]

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