April 24, 2019

Your Feedback Has An Impact

The Safety Department routinely conducts stand-downs throughout the year, designed to educate and raise awareness around critically important safety issues. Stand-downs give us all an opportunity to “stand down” from work for a short but vital time and focus on a safety message that can mean the difference between getting injured or going home safe and sound on any given day.

We determine the subjects of our stand-downs in a number of ways. We consider OSHA’s recommendations for developing effective sessions. We review our own injury prevention program and data, looking for vulnerabilities. We respond to changes in the technology used in the field. Sometimes we consider the specifics of a job site, particularly things like the setting, schedule and special challenges to safety. We also listen to what you tell us.

Above all, a stand-down is not meant to be a one-way street. We need everyone to share their questions and concerns. Your feedback can give us valuable takeaways that we can incorporate into future training.

When you play an active part in our safety program you make a positive difference for all of us.