May 23, 2019

Something New For Everyone

Woman sitting on sofa and using laptop computer blank white screen

The Masonry Division’s brand new website is proving to be a popular destination for pros and homeowners alike

It was agreed: the time had come to revamp the Masonry Division’s website.

With new capabilities made possible by advances in technology since the first site launched in 2008 and significant expansion in what the Division was offering, a re-made website would have to be more than a “papering over” of the old. It would have to be an entirely new site, something new and exciting.

The new website would be a destination, a place where visitors could learn and see new products and download ideas, not just see buying options. It would offer both professionals and homeowners a calendar of training and DIY learning opportunities; it would even make continuing education sessions available for professionals.

The flow between pages of content would have to be intuitive – no hunting for information. The images, particularly of projects that make creative new uses of masonry products, would have to be inspiring.

The project began in the spring of 2016. After a year in development, with the contributions and give-and-take of stakeholders within the Division, the new site went live on May 8. The team had arrived at a feature-rich, interactive, responsive website that meets the challenge of being useful to groups of customers with a diverse set of needs.

“We designed a site that is easy to use, and technically and visually helpful to all of our clients, from masons and landscapers to architects, designers, and homeowners,” says Kara Oneglia, Vice President of the Masonry Division. “Our primary objective was to accommodate our customers’ requests for lots of helpful information in one location, in a format that is heavily visual, straightforward, and simple.”

Anita Goerig, Masonry Division Director of Marketing, led the remake from its inception. “Navigation and Quick View were considered key components in the way our product offerings would be presented. Important, too, was a site design that would elicit emotion from visitors and get them emotionally invested in the visit. By doing so, viewers will browse more pages, engage, share and participate.”

Analytics for the new site over a recent four–week period point to over 1,400 users, 7,200 page views and multiple requests for more information fielded every day.

The completely retooled Masonry Division website launched  this  spring  brings new  features  and interactivity:

  • A comprehensive showcase with 18 product categories and over 1,500 product photos to view
  • Information on custom stone fabrication services, including historic restoration and commercial capabilities
  • Mason store and showroom information
  • Spotlight on commercial projects
  • Gallery of inspirational projects
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • View and sign up for AIA/CEU Lunch ’n Learn programs, 30 available  in 2017
  • Downloadable Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), available by keyword search
  • Downloadable product literature and  special promotions