April 24, 2019

End of an Eyesore

Pete Dadonna (left) and Pete Lipeka

An abandoned railroad depot is clearly visible from Routes 8 and 118, to the great and ongoing dismay of the East Litchfield Village Improvement Society – ELVIS for short. Since 2013, when the Society was organized to clean up the area, getting rid of piles of rotting railroad ties was one of their most ambitious targets.

When ELVIS approached O&G for help, Leo Nardi, O&G’s General Foreman, set things in motion. He scheduled Pete Lipieka and Pete Dadonna, delivered a skid steer to the site and in under four hours on a Tuesday morning the ties, considered hazardous waste, were picked up and properly disposed of.

Lipeika has worked for O&G for 31 years as a finish roller on various paving crews. It’s a job he’ll tell you he “really, really loves.” He operated the skid steer in coordination with Daddona who directed him in packing the dumpsters as efficiently as possible.

Eileen Schmidt is a charter member of ELVIS. She arrived as the two-man crew was busy clearing the area. “Oh my gosh – I was speechless,” she gushes. “It was like a gift from heaven when we found out that O&G was going to do that cleanup for us. What great neighbors we have at O&G. They really care about helping the community.” She loved the neatness and completeness of the cleanup as well: “If we hadn’t known who did it, we still could tell that O&G did the work when it was done.”

You might say that a big ELVIS eyesore has left the building.