April 25, 2019

Making lives better

“What do you do?”

It seems like a simple question, one that we all are asked on a regular basis when we meet

someone new. Most of us answer with our title, position or craft code, as these are usually the simplest ways to convey the response. Words like estimator, truck driver, mechanic, engineer, office clerk, operator, accountant, laborer or carpenter probably all come to mind for those of us who work at O&G every day. But these are simply positions within the organization. They don’t speak to what it is our team really does.

Without sounding too cliché, the simplest response I can think of that speaks to what each and every one who wears the “black and gold” does, both past and present, is that we make people’s lives better.

Now that may sound like a bold claim. You may even be rationalizing that your particular job, what you do every day, isn’t really that

significant. But I want you to think about what we all accomplish here at O&G, and picture a few images in your mind:

  • Little children, cautiously entering a brand new school on a beautiful August day, amazed at the bright colors and bustling hallways, heading to their classroom where they will learn, meet new people and make lasting
  • A commuter driving to work on a busy Monday morning, traversing a bridge that was previously considered structurally deficient, who will no doubt make a comment to a coworker about how much easier or safer it is to merge onto the highway now that “they finally fixed ”
  • A family, gathered in a kitchen built with stone countertops, tile backsplashes and other earth products, enjoying a wonderful holiday while sharing stories and perhaps hearing about the oldest child’s first semester at
  • A doctor performing a life-saving operation on a patient in a state-of-the-art hospital operating room, one that uses the latest, most advanced equipment, and one that was previously not possible in the old

Many times, O&G is the general contractor or construction manager on construction projects. We also act as a subcontractor or construction administrator. Much of the work performed

in our markets includes some combination of aggregates, concrete, asphalt, or masonry materials provided by O&G.

None of what was mentioned above would be possible without the men and women who are part of the O&G family. Every day our team goes to work, with everyone “doing their jobs.” While individually each of us has a different role to play, taken together, as a whole, what we do makes a difference.

So the next time someone asks you, “What do you do?” simply answer with pride, “I make people’s lives better.”

Brad Oneglia

Assistant Vice President, Asphalt Division