June 22, 2018

Mike Gath

Bob White had a mess on his hands. Facilities Operations Manager at St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, White received a frantic call at 10 PM saying that a water heater in a third floor doctor’s office was dumping gallons of water that was seeping through the floor.
He called Mike Gath. O&G’s onsite superintendent who had recently built the Hospital’s second cath lab and was near done with the new sleep lab conversion on the first floor (which, ironically, sustained water damage to areas Gath had just built out).
“Mike went way above and beyond. He was absolutely fantastic,” White raved. “When I requested that he get in quickly it wasn’t ‘Well let me see,’ it was ‘Absolutely!’ Mike got it all restored really fast, really fast.”
Gath and O&G carpenter C.J. Motuzick met at 3 AM to begin repairs, just a few hours after White’s call. They were joined by Superintendent Nick Sartori at 7AM and worked for 12 hours.
The next day, Friday, began before sunrise at 4AM and ran 11 hours. The three returned on Saturday and worked a full day so that sensitive areas could open for business Monday morning. Final repairs were finished over the next two days.
“We’ve got a good relationship going with the Hospital, they’re all great people, and personally, I just wanted to help,” said Gath.