January 20, 2019

Tom Hunter

Teaching and safety are intertwined for Safety Manager Tom Hunter, and not just on the job. Tom directed his life-long love of fishing and hunting, for instance, into instructing for ConnDEEP, introducing new hunters to safety and survival out in the woods since 2001. He also teaches firearm safety as an NRA-certified instructor. These are things he sees no reason to stop just because he is retired. For 19 years with O&G Tom worked in the safety arena, mainly responsible for O&G’s mining operations. He is proud of the rock-solid safety record there, quick to deflect credit off himself and back onto the crews. “If you think about the hundreds of thousands of hours they work and how few accidents there have been – it’s a tremendous milestone those people are accomplishing.” He likes best knowing he helped people, especially when he could show someone a better, safer way to do the work and exchange an old habit for a better one. “Safety is training and explaining,” he says. “They do the work the right way and they go home to their families at the end of the day.” He and his wife Carol have no immediate plans now that Tom’s off the clock. Mostly, they’re enjoying the simple freedom of getting up in the morning and deciding what it is they want to do.