January 20, 2019

Safety Week Poster Contest: Seeing safety as a family affair

When Corporate Communications Director Seth Duke and Corporate Safety Director Mike Ferry met last year to plan Safety Week 2016, high on their agenda was involving the families of employees around the topic of working safely. Says Ferry, “The idea we had was to get a safety conversation going around the kitchen table, so employees could talk with their families about the nature of their work, the risks involved and the importance of being safe.”

They decided on a poster contest where kids would depict what they’d learned. Four age groups were defined and prizes set for the winners in each group: a $500 cash award and a day off with pay for the O&G parent. Ten-year-old Isabelle Dangonini wanted to take her family to Disney World with her prize, at least until she had actually won it. Athletic Mary Massaro, who entered high school this September and loves to draw, figured she had a strong chance of winning but said, “I’ll do my best and see what happens.” Brianna Duba, an Ethel Walker sophomore active in sports, worked on her entry over three days. She plans to spend her prize a little at a time.

(left to right) GRADES 9-12, Brianna Duba, daughter of Tom Duba, Main Office, with wife Mary. Missing: GRADES K-2, Lillie Ambrose, daughter of Steve Ambrose, New Haven Joint Venture; GRADES 6-8: Mary Massaro, daughter of James Massaro, South Main Maintenance; GRADES 3-5 Isabelle Dangonini, daughter of Mike Dangonini, Bogue Road Quarry, with his wife Stacie.