January 20, 2019

Safety Week 2016 Roundup

In some 40 stand downs at every O&G facility, fixed location and project, between 2,000 and 2,500 employees and subcontractor employees were reached with special messages during Safety Week 2016, May 2 to 6. The focus was on engaging employees and subs through conversations and hands-on demonstrations, and having the department’s six safety managers speak on topics they are passionate about. Caswell Sewell, for instance, presented a video and talk about the necessity of speaking up when danger is seen, using an example involving a friend of his. Brian Ohler addressed what he called “mental fitness” – how our private lives can effect our safety mindset on the job.

At the I-95/91/34 Interchange Project in New Haven, heavy equipment was used to demonstrate blind spot awareness. Cones were positioned in equipment blind spots and every worker took a turn in the operator’s seat to see for themselves how obstructions block lines of sight. The intent was to re-educate workers who thought it was “the operator’s job” to see everything. The Safety Department also re-ran the demo for students in the Platt Builds Program at Platt High School.

“It’s a win anytime workers gather and hear about safety,” says Ferry. “If they are actively engaged at a stand down they are likely to be engaged on the job, where it counts.”

L to R: Safety Managers address stand downs: Kris Palmer with night crew at the New Haven Joint Venture, Brian Ohler in Southbury, and Tom Hunter in Woodbury.