January 20, 2019

Paul Patch

Paul Patch has always been a steady man. He worked for 36 dependable, productive years at the Main Office, and he’s approaching the first months of his retirement with the same pleased, steady, forward-looking air. Paul was hired as a junior accountant in 1980, becoming an accountant after proving himself and, in 1985, was made Assistant Corporate Secretary where his horizons were broadened. As the company expanded Paul wore various hats: Safety Officer, EEO Officer, HR Manager. He has worked some in credit. Whatever his boss Ken Merz requested of Paul, he made sure to get it done. “O&G was a wonderful place to work. It was,” he says, correcting himself, “it is all about family. I was involved with benefits. I saw how the Oneglias took care of people and invested in their pensions and insurances. They care about their people.” Paul’s loving his time at home with his wife, Barbara, and the weekdays they get to spend watching their rambunctious granddaughter, 15-month-old Caroline. (Paul and Barbara have two kids, two grandkids and a third on the way.) Their big retirement trip – a cruise on the Western Mediterranean – is going to have to wait until they can arrange time away from Caroline because, after all, Paul says, “family always comes first.”