February 19, 2019

Hartford Union Station

Built in 1889, rebuilt after a fire in 1914 and now listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Hartford Union Station’s one remaining rail platform was in need of important improvements. Work recently completed by O&G has accomplished numerous repairs and upgrades: removal of harmful materials, upgrading security, and adding ornamental railings, lighting and travel communications. But most significantly, the rebuilt, 260-foot-long elevated platform has made the Amtrak trains servicing Hartford much friendlier and more accessible for the disabled. Gone are the four-foot climb and wheelchair ramps. Passengers now embark and disembark with ease at train-door level. Amtrak customers returning to the station are routinely expressing their appreciation of the upgrade. O&G completed the project for ConnDOT one month ahead of schedule despite contract additions and disadvantageous site conditions. The platform was officially opened in August.