June 22, 2018

A Good Collaboration

Back Garden

When a client highly accomplished in the business world engages an award-winning architect with a strong neoclassical bent to design an elegant estate, a grand design process occurs.  That was how an imposing residence in New Canaan began.

With the ambitious vision came high expectations placed on the craftsmen who would build it, and on the suppliers of fine materials like O&G’s Masonry Division.

Ed Moavero, Architectural Sales out of Stamford, worked with Wadia Associates of New Canaan, the project architect. He had done so numerous times before and has since. Moavero oversaw the supply of exterior stucco, interior brick for a wine cellar, and large architectural door surrounds fabricated from Indiana limestone at the company’s Beacon Falls facility. But it was Elizabeta Miljovska, Architectural Sales and Showroom Consultant at the Danbury Earth Products Showcase, who walked architect, client and mason through the process of selecting numerous unusual materials and then overseeing their fabrication and timely delivery.

“The homeowners were very nice people,” says Miljovska. “We met here near the end to talk about all the final architectural features. All along we worked with Wadia who selected the materials. There was great teamwork between everyone.”

Jason Cipriano, principal of J. Cipriano and Sons, masons and pool builders of Woodbury, performed the masonry work, building dramatic walkways and steps, the long free-standing retaining walls faced with stone, and other stonework from decking and pool coping to veneers.

Cipriano depended upon his relationship with Miljovska and the Showcase team in Danbury that had developed over a decade working together on high-end residences in Southwest Connecticut. “They’re absolutely professional. They’ve feel almost like our extended family,” he says of the Showcase staff. More than once, says Cipriano, he’s called Danbury at closing time, needing one more palette of stone to finish a day’s work or set up for the next morning, and has always been accommodated by someone staying late to load his truck when it arrived.

“Any time I’ve needed anything they have always produced and I’ve never been delayed,” says Cipriano.  “At the project in New Canaan we needed tractor trailer after tractor trailer of stone. They always arrived on time and never kept us waiting.”

“The client loved everything – the selection of stone, the production, the masonry, everything. Because of this job the mason and client have built an ongoing relationship,” Miljovska says, adding, “It was a very pleasant project and a good collaboration.”

(Left to right) Pool; Polished Granite; Spa