May 23, 2019

Tom Palmieri

TOM PALMIERI worked for O&G his entire adult life, except for the one month with another contractor who was building bridges alongside O&G on Route 84 in Waterbury in 1978. The day their contract was completed and Tom found himself without a job he went and got himself hired by O&G and started work the next day. After 38 years as a triaxle driver out of Southbury, Tom made his final deliveries on April 22. “Funny thing. When I went to apply for my retirement package I told the fella behind the desk it was 38 years with O&G. He looked down at his papers, looked up again at me and said, ‘38 years?’ He couldn’t believe it.” It was a long, good run. It was his pleasure, he says, to work with all the drivers over the years. “I’ve known a lot of great people, some real outstanding people,” he says. The father of two grown children and grandfather of three, all of whom live nearby, Tom is “torturing” his kids and enjoying the turnabout. “I love my grandkids. I can go over to their houses, get them all ramped up and say, ‘See you later!’ I love it.” He gushes over his family. After the list of delinquent home projects is checked off, in about six months he figures (“I’m making my house a country club for me,” he laughs) Tom plans to travel to the Florida Keys to get licensed for diving, and eventually go check out all the food and sites of Italy that his buddies have been raving about. (Thank you, Ray.)