January 20, 2019

Right Place, Right Time: Ilir Alibali

It just happened that Ilir Alibali, who for five years has driven a mixer out of Davenport Street in Stamford, was between deliveries the evening of  October 10. It just happened he was two stories up inside the batch room looking out the window when he spotted a car driving where no car should be. Alibali noticed the headlights of a sedan weaving into the property, driving past the plant and down the pier at water’s edge, where barges are loaded and no vehicles go, before disappearing off the edge into the night and black water below. Calling 9-1-1 as he scrambled down the stairs and grabbing his flashlight, he sprinted to the site where the car had gone under. It just happened, too, that Alibali has been a strong swimmer nearly all his life and had no reservations about jumping in to pull the despondent driver, a man in his thirties, out of the car and to safety. “One hand I hold the tire on the barge and other hand I grab the guy, closer and closer, and then pull the guy out. He was pretty lucky.”