February 19, 2019

Lester Klimaszewski, 73

Looked sharp at all times

On a construction site not many men could wear the abundance of cologne and jewelry Lester Klimaszewski did and pull it off. He was a natty dresser, fond of buying his shirts and jackets one size too small: Lester was a relentless body builder well into his retirement and preferred if you recognized that. The only thing small-ish about Lester was his height. He freely dispensed grins and jokes, told in his Warsaw accent. His robust personality led him head-on into any situation, which is not to say blindly: Lester was meticulous in his working habits, a thorough and trusted project superintendent in the Building Division. He was famous for searching for “a honeymoon fit” as he would progress through the stages of the buildings he built. He digested binders of blueprints and made his own scale drawings – Lester loved his drawings – whenever he needed to translate the tasks for his crews in the field. He worked for 16 years at O&G beginning in 1993 and remained in regular contact with his work friends after retiring in 2009. Lester’s health failed suddenly and precipitously and he succumbed on January 17.