January 20, 2019

A safety mindset is part of your personal protective equipment


Your challenge, in the office or in the field, is how to manage the risks you face as you work. I am constantly aware of safety, whether it is the safety of my family or of those working on one of our project sites.

But safety is a shared responsibility. The next time you step onto the work site ask yourself, “How can  I make the area where I operate and have some influence be safer for those around me and myself?” We have taken pains to create a safety culture at O&G where you can be at ease speaking about safety issues that concern you.

We talk a lot about complacency and how it relates to safety. I think most will agree, it’s important to constantly remind ourselves how complacency and bad habits contribute to the level of risk that we, and people around us, are exposed to. I think about my drive to and from work. I take the same path every day. I know it like the back of my hand. So sometimes I find myself unfocused on driving and instead thinking about all the things happening at work and home. There are many instances in our days when we forget the level of risk because the task is so routine.

The next time you report to work, look around. See things differently. Ask yourself, “What can I do that would make a positive difference here? What can I personally take charge of to reduce risk here?” What decisions do you make every day that you can reconsider and say, “Maybe there is a smarter, safer way?” Look with fresh eyes and make your suggestions. We are ready to help.

When you clock out at the end of the day, don’t leave a safety mindset behind like you might your tools. Take that safety mindset on the ride home. Let it work at home. Take your safety awareness everywhere, to the point where you habitually do the simple, practical things that minimize the risks to your health and well- being, and to that of your family.

Don’t decide to leave your safety awareness to the jobsite. Let your safety mindset be like the PPE you wear, for your good, the good of your coworkers and our customers, and for the good of the people who depend on you to return home each day.