January 20, 2019

Frank Downey

Few people get the kind of send-off that awaited FRANK DOWNEY when he walked into his retirement party on December 5th. If the size of a party is any indicator, Frank was a very popular fellow. And no wonder. Known for the smile he freely flashed and his one liners (“I know a lot of things, I just need to remember what they are,” for example), it was his “I’ll do whatever you need done” attitude that earned him so many respectful friends.

More than 170 people came out to send him off, a tremendous showing for a man who worked for the company only 11 years. On the job Frank would “rush around,” as he put it, making sure parts for emergency repairs got from suppliers or stockrooms to where they were needed as quickly as humanly possible. He also worked as a volunteer driver, connected through O&G to a church in Waterbury, helping people get to the health care they need. Before he left Frank jotted down a letter of appreciation, that read in part,

“I didn’t know there was a company with so much care and compassion for their employees. I didn’t struggle to get up to go to work every day, I looked forward to it. I really loved my job, going to all our suppliers, meeting new people daily and going to all O&G facilities, making friends with other employees and helping take care of equipment breakdowns.”