February 19, 2019

Dennis Carey, 58

Exemplary at work, colorful after hours

You could sum up the Dennis Carey we knew as a man who worked hard at his hard job and at least as hard after hours. His humor was deadpan, with a well-practiced timing. He would wait expectantly for his hearer to “get” his quip or story before lighting up his own smile. It was a winning way that most understood. After some years broiling and freezing and balancing, he realized that commercial roofing was not his best path and opted for a different but equally physical one. He joined O&G in 1986 and rose through the ranks in a manually strenuous field to become the foreman over fellow laborers who poured concrete on O&G jobs. His greatest accomplishments, judged by the way he spoke of them, closer to the end of his working days before intractable heart issues forced him to retire at the age of 51 in 2008, were overseeing concrete at the Merritt Towers right off Route 15 in Stamford, and at the Yankee Gas LNG Tower just east of Route 8 in Waterbury (see page 6). His friends will not forget Dennis’ occasional exploits after hours, and that he never missed a day’s work in his 22 years with the company.