January 20, 2019

Concrete: Pouring Across the Decades

1. Towers at Merritt River: Completed 2005 for $111M; 47,000CY of concrete


2. Contract E: Scheduled to complete August 2016, at a cost of $358M, 2,510 concrete piles and 72,400CY of concrete

3. Torrington Towers: Completed in 1976 for $18M; concrete framed, 200 apartments


4. Baldwin Bridge: Completed in 1993, $207M, then the largest segmental bridge in the US, 98,500CY of concrete, 12.7M lbs. of rebar

Baldwin Bridge

5. LNG Facility: Completed in 2007 for $139M; cast in place with post-tensioned walls


6. One Commercial Plaza: Completed in 1983 for $106M, tallest cast-in-place concrete frame building in Connecticut.