February 19, 2019

John Jenkins

JOHN JENKINS had the demeanor and rugged looks of a man cut from the same bedrock he worked with every day. He oversaw operations at Quarry 2 in Southbury for 34 years, coaxing maximum production out of men and machinery. In 2006 he picked up the added assignment of cutting in a new quarry and plant, Quarry 5 in New Milford. It would be one of his last and best accomplishments at work. People respectfully saw John as “old school” with the kind of no-nonsense dedication and know-how that makes a man of high value. He began working for O&G in the early 1960s and left for a few years, moving to work for the Adriani family at Silliman Construction. When Francis Oneglia asked him to come back he politely deferred: the Adrianis had given him a job and he owed them, he said. When O&G bought Silliman a few years later John came with the deal and remained with O&G until his retirement in 2011. John loved to fish and he loved to hunt, and was good at both. John lost his courageous fight with lymphoma on July 24. He had just turned 75.