February 19, 2019

Don Drost

For ten years DON DROST was the foreman of O&G’s equipment painting facility at South Main. He mastered the uncommon ability to produce superior finished work at the relentless pace the company required, never sacrificing craftsmanship. He saw to it that O&G’s image on the road and at work sites was what it needed to be. No task was too daunting or too insignificant. Gigantic jobs inspired him. He could see the final product, he’d say, and that gave him energy and drive where others might have felt overwhelmed. When health forced his early retirement at the end of 2013, Don continued to bring coffee to the shop on Tuesday mornings to stay connected with friends. He took pride in restoring antique cars, collecting numerous awards over the years for his handiwork. In the final year of his life, despite his health, he traveled around the country with his wife, Anne, visiting car shows. He was loyal, energetic and good humored and a valued member of the O&G community. Don passed on the 29th of July, at home with his family.