January 20, 2019

Quicker, Greener, Wireless

New CAT loaders set the bar for clean productivity

O&G was the first in Connecticut to acquire the newest wheeled loader from Caterpillar. Having put the 982M through its paces last fall at Quarry 2 in Southbury, the company quickly purchased a second unit, now deployed at Quarry 5 in New Milford.

These machines are a big deal when it comes to moving mountains of material on a number of accounts.

First is the size of the bucket. While the machine actually has a smaller engine displacement, it has a hefty nine-and-a-quarter yard carry capacity. Fully loaded the 982M carries about 25% more material than other comparably sized loaders. That makes work fast and efficient.

Next is its significantly improved fuel efficiency. Compared to older loaders, at least two gallons of diesel fuel are saved every hour it runs. That’s about 16 gallons conserved every typical workday.

Then there is the loader’s minimal emissions which comply with Tier Four Final standards, the EPA’s ultimate benchmark for clean operation. With a special diesel exhaust fluid injected into the exhaust system, the emissions exiting the 982M are a combination of harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor.

Lastly, the 982Ms feature Cat VisionLink™, a web-based GPS technology application that collects performance data from the loaders and wirelessly and automatically transmits it to the South Main Maintenance Facility. Fault codes indicating actual or potential issues with the machine are promptly dealt with to increase the loaders’ up time.

Smart, clean, efficient and popular with operators, the 982Ms reflect O&G’s ongoing investment in state-of-the-art equipment.