January 20, 2019

Operating Room 1 Expansion, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

O&G is self-performing the demolition, framing, sheet rocking and taping, ceiling modifications and installation of millwork and other finishes that will bring Operating Room 1 up to new specifications. The project is sensitive, particularly in terms of maintaining infectious control policies, because the construction space is surrounded by four functioning ORs. Complete separation from the construction zone is required. Temporary walls are built to the deck for extra dust control protection; negative air pressure confines airborne matter to the work zone. Additionally all workers must HEPA-vacuum themselves before leaving the work area. Extra attention is paid to the removal of demolition debris via the service elevator, using sealed buggies whose wheels are cleaned before leaving the construction zone. The hospital has praised O&G for their quiet work zone and overall cleanliness. The Hospital is represented by Project Manager Bill Bednarz and Clinical Manager, Surgical Services Sean Savoye. The Project Architect is Moser Pilon Nelson of Wethersfield. Modern Mechanical is installing a new rooftop air handling system for optimal air exchange rates in the operating theaters. The O&G team is managed by Project Manager Christina Rossi and Superintendent James Perrazzella. The project is scheduled to run approximately two-and-a-half months, concluding on July 24th. It is the latest in a series of successful infrastructure improvement contracts with Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.