January 20, 2019

Jimmy Rodger

Came to O&G a veteran safety manager of two of the world’s largest public works projects, both in Boston: the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Project and “The Big Dig.” He signed on in 2009 as Safety Director when O&G built the Thomas Watson Generating Station south of Boston. From there he became Safety Director at the Kleen Energy Power Plant, then the New Haven Joint Venture, and ultimately directed O&G’s corporate safety program. Jimmy enhanced the culture of safety, doing so with, among other activities, quarterly get-togethers tailored to each group. He took pride in being named the top safety professional in Connecticut from 2011 thru 2013 by the AGCA and the CCIA. But timing is everything, he says: “I love constuction and safety and people but it was time to retire” Now his days are more devoted to his wife, Linda, their four children and seven grandkids whom “Papa” enjoys spoiling. Stays on the Cape and a trip to the tropics have taken the place of toolbox talks and safety training.