December 15, 2018

Greg Margaitis

38-year career at O&G began when his father thought he ought to be working between graduating from college and applying to medical school. Two days later he was learning how to dispatch concrete on Chase River Road with Bob Oneglia. He never looked back. “I loved it, I loved working with people to solve their problems. Every day you never knew what could change your plans.” He has high-praises for Bob Oneglia (“a genius for increasing the business”), for brothers Francis, George and Ray (“empire builders”) and for T.J. Oneglia, who oversaw the Materials Division when Greg retired (“cool, calm and 100% gentleman”). Greg would have worked longer but his wife of 40 years, Michelle, had a life-threatening fall that damaged her spine. Following her miraculous recovery he retired early to spend more time with her. They have been dividing their time between their house in Morris and their vacation home on the edge of the Adirondack Park where Greg can fish and hunt and soak in the panoramic vistas he loves.