January 20, 2019


Someone once said that “success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile.”

As I look back at my forty-year career at O&G, one of the things that makes me smile the most is that O&G has been able to provide good and reliable work opportunities for all of its employees.

In each issue of our newsletter we report on people who have recently retired. Our newsletter is mailed to many of our customers, and one of the most frequent comments I receive back from them is just how surprised they are at the number of employees who have made a career at the company. It is not unusual to see people who have been with O&G for twenty years, thirty years or more. It is also not unusual to see several generations of the same family become part of the O&G family.

And all of the jobs have been good ones, with competitive pay, health insurance and a pension. I feel that O&G has “done right” by its employees. I also know that they, in return, have “done right” by us. They have helped us be competitive in a very competitive industry. They have also helped O&G grow into one of the largest and most diversified contractors in the nation. My grandfather Andrew, who started O&G ninety-two years ago with his partner Flaviano Gervasini, would be astounded to see how the company they started with little more than hand tools and a work ethic that would not allow failure, has turned out. No doubt they are smiling somewhere at the great memories too!

So thank you one and all for the many wonderful memories you have made for me and my family. You make us smile. Keep up the good work!

Gregory Oneglia
Vice Chairman of the Board